Getting Organized

I hate to let any sort of quilting or crafting scraps, or odd found objects go out in the trash. Somehow I feel it’s my duty to rescue all bits and find them new homes or save them until they can be re-purposed. All my little fabric bits go in a bag to make pet beds. My selvedges go in a another bag for my future selvedge quilt, squares go together, strips are in different tubs sorted by color. Zippers, ribbons, cords another tub. You get the idea.

However, as good as that sounds, there is still more to do! And although I can pretty much put my finger on anything I need, to the casual observer it could be interpreted to be chaos or Mayhem (you know that guy!) like there’s been a bull in the china shop as my Mother, Beth Henry, used to say. Today I’m not going to prove her right by sharing a photo. 🙂

I thought I was doing okay with my paperwork too. Heck I had them all in a plastic tub and a some drawers. Done. My daughter, Kaitlyn Ross, has been a great influence in helping me get/keep all of my horded goodies in their place, bless her heart. But much to my surprise she FOUND where I paper stash the other night. Granted it was my bedtime, but right then and there we attacked my paperwork, everything from receipts to tons of quilt patterns and craft patterns, etc. I think we got it all organized and in the process created many notebooks to make things easier to find and in a logical order that makes sense to me. It feels so good to have that done! What makes it even better? We used old notebooks, sheet protectors, dividers, etc from when my daughters were in school. Gotta love that.
I have to add that Kaitlyn’s so good at what she does, she’s started her own business. Check out her Facebook page called “In It’s Place”, for more information, or send her an email at

blog post 04192017 organized

Blog post 04192017 Kaitlyn nitsplace

“Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you GIVE.” Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic

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